Welcome to HIVPozGuy.

I’m a gay guy, in my 20’s, and living with HIV – diagnosed in Oct 2012. I wanted to tell my story to help and inspire others… to provide hope to those that need it, just like I did and still do.

This is my site where you will find I will blog and share my thoughts, feelings, experiences, passions, useful information, ups, downs, mental, physical, ins and outs etc etc. I may have bad times but the good ones will outweigh it all. HIV is not the death sentence it once was and I’m here to prove it.

I’m on twitter as well @hivpozguy, so that’s where you can tweet or follow me to get tidbits, thoughts and news I feel is relevant. I also write articles from time to time and can be found at The Gay Uk.

Where to go next :-

Read my blog

– Read my story on the day I found out I was HIV+

Find out some useful info on HIV/AIDS

Follow me on twitter

– Email me – HIVPozGuy@hotmail.co.uk




2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. A great blog and website … It’s always to here other people’s experiencing of living with HIV


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